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I'm Churrosama, a self-taught digital artist specialized in illustration in anime style and Live2D art. I often stream my progress on twitch and regular posts on my social media.

Comission Status - Closed

◆ Commissions ◆

You must first agree with my TOS before checking the prices.

◆ Commissions ◆

Choose the desired commission type in order to view its info.

◆ Illustration ◆

Detailed render character with simple BG(Gradient/Flat)

HALF BODY$500-$750
FULL BODY$750-$1200

Prices are referential and doesn't include paypal taxes.
Prices may increase for commercial use, complex, design, extra elements,etc.

◆ Reference Sheet ◆

Reference sheet for your character.


Includes 2 rendered full body view


Prices are referential and doesn't include paypal taxes.
Prices may increase for commercial use, complex, design, extra elements,etc.

◆ Live2D Art ◆

A 2D vtuber model, this is only a VISUAL MODEL in PSD file ready to rig, it does not include RIGGING in the package.


Prices are referential and doesn't include paypal taxes.
Prices may increase for commercial use, complex, design, extra elements,etc.

◆ Terms of Service ◆

Last Update: 17/07/2023

Please be aware of my terms before commissioning me


  • I have the right to decline any commission request if I feel I am unable to fulfill your request, some content that might be declined include:

  • Real People

  • Furry/Furries

  • Fully mech/robotic

  • NSFW

  • Gore or excessively violent

  • I hold the rights over my artwork, which means, I’m allowed to post it on my social media, and will always be the original creator of the art piece.

  • I reserve the right to livestream and record the creation of the artwork, unless a privacy fee is payed.

  • Please credit me if you post on your social media.

  • I have the right to sign and/or watermark my own work.


  • The sketch will be sent during the first week after it has been paid. Subsequently, once the sketch is entirely approved, one work in progress (WIP) will be sent per week, and the final product will be completed within 1-2 months after the sketch's approval.


  • Payment is via PayPal in USD.

  • Prices don't include invoicing fees from Paypal, so they will be added to the invoice.

  • I only start working after you paid and agree with the TOS, I work in an order of the slots list so please be patient with me.

  • TAT is 3 to 4 weeks, it may take to 2 months for complicated requests or vtuber.

  • If you want a specific turnaround time, a rush fee will be included. Please mention this beforehand.


  • I´ll only do up to 2 minor revisions or changes when it's in the sketch phase.

  • If you want to make any more revisions after the limit, I'll charge an extra fee for each of them depending on the complexity.

  • If there´s a mistake that is my fault for missing some details from the references/design I'll fix it and they won't count for the revision limit. If the mistake was made because the information you gave me wasn't clear enough, it'll count for the limit as any other change.

  • After the sketch is approved by you I will only send a max of 2 wip during the process of the commission. Please restrain from spamming about the commission status.


  • The final product is sent in a digital file only.

  • The commissioner is allowed to use the artwork in any non-commercial way they want. This includes:

  • 1. Posting it somewhere else as long as it's non-commercial.

  • 2. Use as signature/avatar/etc of your personal, non-profit accounts.

  • 3. Print it in any kind of merchandise for your personal use only.

  • Please do not modify, copy, trace, use as a base, or any other way of stealing.

  • I have the right to post the finished artwork on my social media.

  • If you don't want your commission to be posted, I'll charge a privacy fee (20%+of the base price).

  • You are responsible for saving the finished work, I may erase the file after 3 months of delivery.


  • Live2D Model commercial usage for streaming is already included by default in the base price.

  • Further discussions will be conducted privately regarding other commercial usages.


  • You are allowed to cancel the commission at any time before payment.

  • It's ok if you want a refund after I did the sketch but I will keep the 15% of the refund.

  • After the commission is finished, there won't be any type of refunds available.


◆ Contact ◆

Commmission Form(Optional, makes things easier)

Subject: Commission Request for [Your Name]
Commission type: (ex: Full color bust)
Subject of Commission & References: (Visual references are required)
Email for Paypal Invoice:

You can contact me on any of my social networks, please don't forget to read the Terms Of Service before contacting me.